Big Bash Betting Tips

By Zohaib Ahmed, Senior Author

After the Indian Premier League, the second most prominent franchise-based competition in world cricket is the Big Bash League (BBL), whose next season is scheduled to kick off from December 5.

But before that happens, it is very important for all the gamblers out there looking to make a buck that they get an overview of what the BBL is all about.

In this article, we will share with you the schedule of BBL 2020-21, tell you new features or rule changes (if any), give you an idea of what the participating teams have been up to, and finally, unveil our prized predictions for the upcoming seasons.

Such has been the popularity of the T20 format that now nearly every cricket playing nation has a franchise-based league of its own and we’re fast heading towards saturation point. Having said that, amid a glut of T20 leagues, the two that truly stand out are:
a) The Indian Premier League
b) The Big Bash League.

The Australia-based T20 competition does not have the Bollywood razzmatazz of the IPL but in terms of playing quality and crowd participation, it can hang with its Indian counterpart.
Technically speaking, the BBL was launched in 2011, which means it is just a decade old and certainly younger than the benchmark, the IPL, which had its first season in 2008.
However, while the IPL did not have a real, local precursor, the Big Bash had one. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the current BBL is a more advanced version of the similarly named KFC Twenty20 Big Bash, which was shut down in 2011 only because the BBL had to be launched.

During the face lift, the league saw somewhat of a renaming but the more noticeable change was in the size of the competition. Out went the six state-based teams and in came eight franchises named after cities, giving the revamped competition a more modern, IPL-like look.

Big Bash League 2021-22 Season Results & Conclusion

Perth Scorchers defeated Sydney Sixers in the final of the Big Bash League 2021-2022 at Docklands Stadium in Melbourne on Jan 28. The final did not live up to the hype as the Sixers were hit by a number of injuries, leaving one side significantly stronger than the other. The match saw Perth wipe the floor with Sydney and avenge their defeat of the previous year.
Sydney’s meek performance in the final was in contrast to their hot start to the tournament when they had won five of their first six games. Perth Scorchers were even quicker off the blocks and had actually won each of their first six games.

The tale at the bottom wasn’t too different either, with Melbourne Renegades finishing last, just like last year. It’s funny actually because they had started the season with a win over Adelaide Strikers and at that time some thought that they might have finally turned a corner. That hope was quickly dashed as they had to wait six matches for their next win.

The tournament was progressing nicely when a major Covid outbreak hit the teams – some of whom had to build new rosters mid-tournament. The mandatory quarantines did not sit well with some players who took timeouts as debates were had on whether the two-month-long BBL format was in fact too long.

The organisers, meanwhile, held on to their mantra of “show must go on”.

The Thunder were the hottest side around the turn of the year, notching six straight wins. They formed a trio of Big 3 with the other Sydney side and Perth.
This meant that everyone else was fighting just for the remaining two playoffs spots. At this point it becomes important to tell the curious case of Adelaide Strikers – a side that had won just one of their first eight matches but then as others got crippled by Covid, the Strikers simply took advantage of others’ weakness. They ended the round-robin stage with five wins out of a possible six and made the playoffs. They then eliminated Hobart Hurricanes and the Thunder before finally running out of luck against the Sixers.

On the playing front, several players got hot in patches but none shone as bright as Hobart Hurricanes’ Ben McDermott, who scored an astonishing 577 runs. The leading wicket taker was Peter Siddle of Adelaide Strikers with 30 scalps to his name.

Season Points Table:


The Format % Rules

The tournament format is pretty much the same as IPL’s, with all eight teams playing each other twice in a round-robin format. The eight teams represent six cities, with Sydney and Melbourne being the only ones with two teams.

The one major deviation from the IPL and other similar leagues is the number of teams qualifying for the play-offs.

Where the IPLs and the PSLs only let the top four teams qualify for the play-offs, the more generous BBL keeps the door open for five and shows the door to just three. It means that to have that fifth team eliminated in the play-offs, it also has to stage an extra eliminator, which gives the BBL a total of 61 matches as compared to IPL’s 60.

Big Bash League Rules

As so far established, the Big Bash League is one of the premier T20 competitions in the world but it just does not have the razzle-dazzle of the IPL. It is merely a good quality cricket product but then it was never required to be more than that, such had been the game’s popularity Down Under.

That, however, has changed a bit in recent years, with the BBL organizers realizing that their league needed a kick or an injection of je ne sais quoi to revitalize a product that wasn’t exactly declining but might have plateaued.

In came shenanigans such as Power Surge, X-Factor Player and the Bash Boost that riled up the purists but the jury still remains out on of their long-term success.

The First Champion and Dominant Dynasties

The inaugural edition of the revamped tournament was won by Sydney Sixers, who have since clinched the BBL trophy two more times for a total of three. Their last two wins were back-to-back and came in the most latest two tournaments, making them the two-time defending and reigning champions.

In between, Perth Scorchers were the other dominant franchise, winning three of the four BBLs between 2013 and 2017, including two consecutive. They were also the losing finalists opposite the Sixers in the 2020-21 edition.

Apart from this pair, Brisbane Heat, Sydney Thunder, Adelaide Strikers and Melbourne Renegades have won a championship each.

From a betting point of view, what we’ve learnt so far is that the Sixers and Scorchers are serial winners and not to be messed with. Between themselves, there is almost nothing to choose as evident by their head-to-head record before last year’s final, which at 10-9, had favored the Scorchers, who were correctly installed as favorites (1.74) by the bookmakers opposed to the Sixers (2.07). But the odds makers were proven wrong as the Scorchers lost, and it wasn’t even close.

What’s So Unique About the BBL?

Alongside perhaps the PSL, the Big Bash is the only other league where batsmen do not rule the roost. Fast bowlers in BBL still manage to hold their own despite the format being naturally stacked against them. The boundaries are not cut short deliberately to make it easier for the batsmen to hit boundaries.

Add to it Australia’s knack of producing quality pacers and BBL becomes a fairly even contest between bat and ball.

Spinners do not exactly grow on trees in Australia, which is why some franchises have to get them exported. Thus, it’s not unusual for teams to draft gems from the large crop of Afghanistan’s spin bowlers or elsewhere in South Asia.

What you won’t find in the BBL is a spate of big-name foreign stars. Of course, this is so because Australia itself is the grower of premium cricket talent so they do not have to look elsewhere for stars.

Big Bash League 2021-22 Schedule

Sun Dec 5Sixers vs StarsSCG1:45pm
Mon Dec 6Thunder vs HeatManuka Oval1:45pm
Tue Dec 7Renegades vs StrikersMarvel Stadium1:45pm
Wed Dec 8Hurricanes vs SixersUTAS Stadium1:05pm
Wed Dec 8Scorchers vs HeatOptus Stadium4:05pm
Thu Dec 9Strikers vs RenegadesAdelaide Oval1:45pm
Fri Dec 10Stars vs ThunderMCG1:45pm
Sat Dec 11Sixers vs HurricanesSCG1:05pm
Sat Dec 11Scorchers vs StrikersOptus Stadium4:00pm
Sun Dec 12Thunder vs StarsSydney Showground1:45pm
Mon Dec 13Heat vs RenegadesMetricon Stadium1:45pm
Tue Dec 14Hurricanes vs ScorchersBlundstone Arena1:45pm
Wed Dec 15Stars vs SixersMCG1:45pm
Sun Dec 19Heat vs ThunderThe Gabba2:10pm
Mon Dec 20Scorchers vs HurricanesOptus Stadium1:45pm
Tue Dec 21Sixers vs StrikersSCG1:45pm
Wed Dec 22Renegades vs ScorchersMarvel Stadium1:45pm
Thu Dec 23Strikers vs HeatAdelaide Oval1:45pm
Fri Dec 24Hurricanes vs StarsBlundstone Arena10:00am
Sun Dec 26Thunder vs SixersSydney Showground12:35pm
Sun Dec 26Scorchers vs RenegadesOptus Stadium3:45pm
Mon Dec 27Hurricanes vs StrikersBlundstone Arena12:35pm
Mon Dec 27Heat vs StarsThe Gabba3:35pm
Tue Dec 28Thunder vs ScorchersManuka Oval1:45pm
Wed Dec 29Sixers vs HeatSCG12:35pm
Wed Dec 29Renegades vs HurricanesMarvel Stadium1:45pm
Thu Dec 30Scorchers vs StarsOptus Stadium1:45pm
Fri Dec 31Strikers vs ThunderAdelaide Oval1:45pm
Sat Jan 1Hurricanes vs HeatBellerive Oval10:30am
Sat Jan 1Sixers vs RenegadesCoffs Harbour2:00pm
Sun Jan 2Thunder vs StrikersSydney Showground1:45pm
Mon Jan 3Stars vs RenegadesMCG1:45pm
Tue Jan 5Heat vs SixersMetricon Stadium3:45pm
Wed Jan 5Strikers vs HurricanesAdelaide Oval12:35pm
Wed Jan 6Scorchers vs ThunderOptus Stadium3:45pm
Thu Jan 6Renegades vs HeatGMHBA Stadium12:35pm
Thu Jan 6Scorchers vs SixersOptus Stadium3:45pm
Fri Jan 7Strikers vs StarsAdelaide Oval1:45pm
Sat Jan 8Renegades vs ThunderMarvel Stadium12:35pm
Sat Jan 8Heat vs HurricanesThe Gabba3:00pm
Sun Jan 9Sixers vs ScorchersCoffs Harbour1:45pm
Mon Jan 10Stars vs StrikersMCG8:40am
Mon Jan 10Hurricanes vs ThunderUTAS Stadium1:45pm
Tue Jan 11 Scorchers vs StarsMarvel Stadium 8:40am
Tue Jan 11Renegades vs SixersGMHBA Stadium1:45pm
Wed Jan 12Heat vs StrikersThe Gabba1:45pm
Thu Jan 13Thunder vs HurricanesSydney Showground10:30am
Thu Jan 13Renegades vs StarsMarvel Stadium2:00pm
Fri Jan 14Strikers vs ScorchersAdelaide Oval5:10am
Sat Jan 15Sixers vs ThunderSCG1:10am
Sun Jan 16Stars vs HeatMCG1:45pm
Tue Jan 17Strikers vs SixersAdelaide Oval11:35am
Wed Jan 17 Heat vs Scorchers The Gabba 2:45pm
Mon Jan 18 Hurricanes vs Renegades Blundstone Arena 1:45pm
Wed Jan 19Heat vs SixersThe Gabba 7:35am
Wed Jan 19 Thunder vs RenegadesMCG10:40am
Wed Jan 19Stars vs HurricanesMCG2:20pm
Fri Jan 21The EliminatorMCG1:45pm
Sat Jan 22The QualifierMarvel Stadium 1:45pm
Sun Jan 23The KnockoutMCG1:45pm
Wed Jan 26The ChallengerSCG1:55pm
Fri Jan 28The FinalMarvel Stadium 2:10pm
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BBL 2021-2022 Team Status

Adelaide Strikers

Adelaide Strikers have won the BBL just once — in the 2017-18 season. Last year, they were a team that did just enough to make the playoffs but not enough to truly contend. A mere 5/10 team, the Strikers finished the round-robin stage right in the middle (5th spot in eight-team division). They somehow sneaked into the playoffs but got bounced in the very first game.

This year, the Strikers have re-signed several key players. Veteran pacer Peter Siddle is signed up for another year, while prolific scorer Jake Weatherald has inked a long-term deal. Matt Short and Ryan Gibson have new contracts as well, but the news of the off-season was the successful retention of Afghan spin wizard Rashid Khan. Fellow spinner Fawad Ahmed is also on the roster, while George Garton has been imported from England. Michael Neser, however, has left Adelaide for Brisbane.

Brisbane Heat

Brisbane Heat’s story is not very different than Adelaide Strikers’. They also have a single BBL triumph, which came in the 2012-13 season and since then they’ve been waiting to add to their trophy cabinet. Last season, they made the playoffs and cleared the first hurdle, beating none other than Adelaide in the Eliminator game before being eliminated themselves before taking down Sydney Thunder in the Knockout game. With just one more win left between them and a place in the final, they fell to Perth Scorchers.

This year, the Heat re-signed rising pacer Xavier Bartlett, star batsman Marnus Labuschagne, spin wizard Mujeeb Ur Rahman and allrounder Jack Wildermuth. English duo Tom Abell and Ben Duckett are also in the bag but their fellow Englishman Tom Banton has been allowed to miss the tournament on his request. Meanwhile, Michael Neser has returned from Adelaide, whereas there has also been a leadership change, with Jimmy Peirson replacing Chris Lynn. Connor Sully has also found a place on the roster.

Sydney Sixers

Sydney Sixers are the hottest team in the BBL right now. They won the inaugural BBL way back in 2011-12 season, but had to wait eight long years for their next title, during which time they were the losing finalists on two occasions. But after recapturing the title in 2019-20 season, they did it again last year as well, which makes them the league’s two-time defending champions going for a first-ever three-peat.

During the offseason, they’ve retained much of their title-winning core by re-signing experienced seamer Jackson Bird, English star James Vince, Windies allrounder Carlos Brathwaite, spinner Stephen O’Keefe, captain Moises Henriques and key fast bowler Ben Dwarshuis.

Sydney Thunder

The lesser of the two Sydney sides, the Thunder do their best to catch up to the Sixers but just can’t. They made the final just once, in 2015-16, and won the title but have had mixed form since then. Last year, they finished third in the round-robin stages and were eliminated in the knockout game of the playoffs, which was a step earlier than their challenger game elimination the year prior.

To take that next leap and make the final again, the Thunder have parted ways with their captain Callum Ferguson as well as coach Shane Bond, the latter of whom has been replaced by Trevor Bayliss and former by Usman Khawaja. Fast bowler Brendan Doggett, young talents Ollie Davies and Baxter Holt, star batter Alex Hales, and exciting hitter Jason Sangha have all been re-signed while Sam Billings has travelled across the Sydney divide to join the Thunder. Also on board is England pace merchant Saqib Mahmood.

Perth Scorchers

Like Sydney Sixers, Perth Scorchers are the Big Bash League’s other perennial contenders, and that has seen them clinch three titles and just as many runners-up finishes. Their best stretch was between 2013 and 2017 when they won three of the four titles and were simply unstoppable at times. They made the final last year where they were beaten by the Sixers.

During the off-season, they re-signed batting veteran Colin Munro as well as key quartet of Jason Behrendorff, Josh Inglis, Ashton Turner and Andrew Tye. Tearaway pacer Lance Morris joined from Melbourne Stars, while spinner Peter Hatzoglou replaced Fawad Ahmed. England’s Laurie Evans and Brydon Carse were signed but only the former will be in action as the latter was ruled out due to a knee injury.

Hobart Hurricanes

Hobart Hurricanes are one of just two sides left in the league that have never won a BBL title. The Hurricanes came close twice, once in the 2013-14 season and then in the 2017-18 season but lost in the final both of those times. They had a lackluster campaign last year but still should have made the playoffs as they finished the round-robin stage level with the Strikers on 28 points but were edged out on the smallest of net run rate differences.

During the off-season, the Canes had Ben McDermott, Nathan Ellis and captain Matthew Wade’s contracts extended. Nepal spinner Sandeep Lamichhane was also re-signed and so was Caleb Jewell. They also brought back Tom Rogers from the Sixers, while importing England’s Harry Brook and signing Josh Kann.

Melbourne Stars

Melbourne Stars are the other BBL side that has never won a league title, even though they came close and lost in the final thrice. Last season was tough for both the Melbourne sides, with neither making the playoffs. But such a showing was harder to digest for the Stars, who had made the finals the previous two seasons and expected another year of contention but all they got was a seventh-place finish in an eight-team league.

Ahead of BBL 11, the Stars have added experienced batter Joe Burns, English batter/wicketkeeper Joe Clarke and Afghanistan international Qais Ahmad to their roster, while re-signing left arm pace bowler Sam Rainbird, batter Nick Larkin, young quick Liam Hatcher, young gun Sam Elliott and allrounder Hilton Cartwright.

Melbourne Renegades

2018-19 champs Melbourne Renegades were the league’s worst team last season, winning just four of their 14 matches and finishing at the bottom. It was a little improvement on their performance of the season before when they had again finished dead last.

To address their alarming slide, the Renegades have made a number of changes, including the replacement of coaches. To their roster, they have signed batter Nic Maddinson from the other Melbourne side and instantly made him the captain. Afghan spin bowler Zahir Khan is on board and so is the first Indian player to play BBL, Unmukt Chand. England fast bowler Reece Topley has also been brought in, while extensions have been granted to star batter Sam Harper, pacer Kane Richardson and Mohammad Nabi.

BetNinjas’s Predictions

Sydney Sixers have the best squad and have the winning momentum on their side but will also have to deal with the pressure that comes with the hunting of a three-peat. We will not advise you to bet against them but we’d nudge you to consider Perth Scorchers – last year’s losing finalists. Currently the odds on them winning it all are 5-0 with SportsBet and we like this bet, considering they’ve recruited wisely and added a couple of very decent options to an already strong squad.

Brisbane Heat are also one to keep an eye on as they have recruited wisely. Odds of 8.50 on them are very tempting. Lastly, Sydney Thunder at 6.50 could also be considered as they have added Sam Billings and Saqib Mahmood to an already decent core. They are also under new leadership, which often gives teams an instant boost.

Among the players, we like Alex Hales to again be at his ruthless best this season, granted that he does not get mired in any controversies. Among the bowlers, Adam Zampa of Melbourne Stars has had a good year in T20Is for Australia. He could again be the one to watch out for.

Make sure to follow our cricket tips once the season will kick-off!


The 2021-22 Big Bash League season again promises to be an exciting tournament. Last season’s edition was still played under the cloud of Covid but this year the tournament will attract much bigger crowds, which will only add to its excitement. From a betting perspective, the league has seen a two-team domination for quite some time. It’s time that it ends so watch out for the chasing pack below the Sixers and the Scorchers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the BBL Take Place?
The Big Bash League typically starts at the backend of each year and continues well into the next year due to it being the largest T20 tournament in terms of matches played. A rough window for the almost two-month-long league is December to February.
Is the BBL Prone to Match-Fixing?
In 2012, there were murmurs that former Pakistan pacer Rana Naveed-ul-Hasan, who played a season for Hobart Hurricanes, was spotted with a bookie but, nothing came of it. Other than that, the Australian authorities keep fending off corrupt elements from time to time but have largely remained scandal-free
When Will the Odds for BBL 2021-22 Be Available?
The final of the 2020-21 tournament was played just last month on February 6. Hence, the next tournament is almost an entire year away. Expect the schedule and odds for the 2021-22 BBL to come out sometime around November.