How Do We Rate And Rank

How Do We Rate And Rank The Best Online Casinos In India?

Are you looking to play your favorite online casino game? Before you begin your ordeal, you have one challenge to face. How to choose the right casino from an ocean of numerous potential choices? What’s so difficult about it? There are so many games that are not even worth your time. So, how can you tell the difference? Of course, you can register yourself on each of these websites, make deposits, play, and test for yourself. But that’s an excruciatingly lengthy way. Plus, you would be facing a loss of money during this process. A more convenient option would be to check out different review sites like ours and use it to get a better perspective. If you are still skeptical, keep reading to understand how we review websites that can save you from spending extra bucks.

Our Individual Inspections of Each Gambling Site

We never put all our focus on only a single type of site. In fact, as we inspect different sites individually, we run through as many services as possible and then recheck for any kind of updates. From management changes, software updates to the involvement of new payment methods, we keep an eye on each of the factors.

Who are our writers and reviewers?

Our writers and reviews are a team of multiple members who work without any bias and deliver honest content. Because there are multiple people involved, you get to see the review from the viewpoint of more than one person. Our reviewers have personal experience in gambling, which is why they are acquainted with “tricks and treats” of the gambling world. We also have a team to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the data provided. 

What We Don’t Do

Here is a list of things that we don’t do when it comes to ranking online Casino websites:

  1. We don’t only just talk about positives but also inform the websites of the negatives that come with these casino sites.
  2. Our opinions and evaluations change according to how the casino websites that have been reviewed are functioning. If there’s a change, negative or positive, we update our review. We never stick to a solo opinion and binge on it.
  3. We keep testing and re-evaluating our written work as well as websites to give our readers the most accurate information. We don’t encourage any kind of misleading and rather focus on giving a raw review.

Why Should You Trust Our Ratings and Rankings?

The most obvious reply to this question would be that we present a fair review. We analyze all the factors that are involved and present each of these with efficient clarity. In other words, we spell all of the aspects of online casino websites. Our main aim centers around doing the legwork and providing our readers with strict facts and data after detailed research. Our reviews provide genuine transparency so that you can decide for yourself the kind of website you need. 

The Factors We Analyze When Reviewing


If an online casino has the ability to help you view the content of the website in multiple languages, it is definitely a huge plus point. This is why a website containing several varieties of languages featured on it is always getting positive ranking scores.


This is something very important. In order to be trustworthy and worth the time of its users, each casino must be licensed by a good regulatory body. However, it would be wrong to assume that each regulatory body is worth believing in as some licenses carry more weight than others. Examples of best license regulatory bodies are the Malta Gaming Agency and UK Gambling Commission License.


The principle is similar to how it is in terms of language. If an online casino allows you to use various currencies, it means that the website can be used in different parts of the world. Currency conversion can be quite a headache. Hence, websites that allow different currencies without any conversion get high ratings.

Trustworthy and Honest Operations

We look for online casinos that have had a history of performing non-fraudulent and honest operations. We also check whether their company is legit and licensed. In case there are complaints, we also check how they tackled those complaints, and so on.

Internal and External Security

We give high ratings to only those websites which put your data security at priority. We don’t want you to participate in a website that puts your personal and financial information in jeopardy.

Variety of Games Offered

More variety means less boredom. Hence, if a website wants high ratings, it needs to involve more variety. 

Quality of Website and Games

Variety is not the only factor that matters while playing online casino games. The quality of these games, as well as the website, matters too.

The Ease of Use and the User Interface

From design and navigation to the convenience in running the website, all matter when we evaluate the user interface as well as how easy the websites are.

Mobile Gambling Options

Mobile betting has become a popular medium to play online games. Many sportsbook and online casinos offer apps, while some have mobile browser options. The market has begun to explode, and it’s only a matter of time when it would entirely take over the industry.

Banking and payment/withdraw Options and Integration.

The banking options, the ease in deposit or withdrawal payments, the time taken to process the transactions, the minimum and the maximum amount are different aspects we check in this section.

The Management and Ownership Teams

It’s important for us to scrutinize the management and ownership teams for our readers. This gives a greater perspective on how the website is managed, and if/when any issue arises in the technicalities, how would they handle it.

Industry Reputation – Insiders and Players

We also take into account how the reputation of online casinos is in the industry. How popular it is in the market, why it’s popular, how customers review and rate it, and with whom they are competing.

Bonuses and promotions

The variety in bonus and promotion opportunities, the welcome bonus for new players, and the thoughtfulness involved in this spectrum are very important. We look for free spins, contests, tournaments, and other creative ways to approach new and old players.

Customer Service Availability and Effectiveness

Customer service is an important factor. The customers should be the focus of all online casino websites. We make a serious check on how fast the customer service caters to feedback, what are the different ways of connecting with customer services and how efficient are they in troubleshooting.

VIP Programs and Rewards

We notice the different VIP programs and rewards that are provided on the online websites. Most websites provide high and pretty unreasonable amounts and yet, come off as fraud companies. We check in depth how real these rewards are or if they are just a scam.

The #1 Biggest Mistake People Make When Choosing a Casino

People often are seen choosing and getting addicted to casinos that present huge bonuses, free money, and attractive competitions. However, unlike popular opinion, this is not the wisest choice to make when you pick a casino. Many suspiciously flashy and large rooms offering big rewards hardly live up to the expectations and do not pay out. There are instances where these rooms refuse to give you the money by using excuses like the player broke a rule, which is usually left unnamed. In other instances, they simply switch the terms in ways that can benefit them. Other than that, these rooms may also ignore your request when you ask for these bonuses even when you deserve them. This is not uncommon and well experienced by players who choose casinos that offer temptingly large bonuses. Sometimes these rooms have terrible terms. They do not let a small amount of cash out unless you have invested thousands of dollars. Such requirements are a huge loss for the players. 

Fraudulent casino rooms find many ways to inhibit the players from cashing out. They propose money offers that attract the players to sign them up. Once signed, the players realize that the wagering requirement is too high to clear, making it impossible to get all their money back without breaking any rule. Indeed, not all casinos are fraudulent and follow such sharp practices. There are casinos that let you have a fair game where you do not have to worry about such deceit and embezzlement. Those sites also come with some good, honest, and authentic bonuses and promotions. But, if you only think of an easy way win money in a casino using the means of bonuses, gift cards only without doing a background check on the software and the authenticity of the companies that have developed these rooms, there is a great chance that you may get caught up amidst the tricks and treacheries of fraudulent casinos with terrible terms as mentioned above.

So, now that you know how we rate and rank betting sites, go ahead and find the best betting site for your needs.