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By Yogesh Gupta, Senior Author

The game of Teen Patti has become pretty popular in this modern world, both online and offline.
The game originated in India and has picked up the pace in wooing Indian players.
This classic and exciting game is now available online at the best and most reliable online casinos.
Are you interested to learn more about Teen Patti? Read through this article.

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Looking For The Perfect Indian Card Game? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Teen Patti

The Indian casino industry is continuously flourishing with all the amazing gambling sites and their promotions. There is an abundance of exciting casino games that are available on online gambling sites. It gives Indian bettors the right opportunity to play their best hand and fill up their accounts. 

If you are a regular gambling expert, you would know that Indian casino games are quite different and much more exciting than the western ones. You can find these games largely on the Indian casinos. However, many international casinos have taken these desi games to a global level due to their wide popularity. 

In this article, we are going to talk about one such immensely popular Indian card game that you would find in almost every Indian casino establishment. We are going to discuss Teen Patti, yes, the famous three card game. Teen Patti, also known as 3 Patti, “Flash” or “Flush” literally means Three cards in Hindi. Teen is three and Patti is cards.

How to Play Teen Patti?

The Teen Patti online game is played between 3 to 6 players and uses a standard deck of 52 cards without the jokers. So, how to play?
Take a look at this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Draw the Cards to Choose a Dealer

When playing the game, you have to choose a dealer who will assist you during the game. The dealer is also the one who begins the games and continues clockwise. To choose a dealer, you must draw cards from the deck of 52 cards. In this game, the highest-drawn card is assigned as the dealer.

Step 2: Determine and Place the Initial Bet

Once you have picked the dealer, you have to place an initial bet or wager to join the game. The initial wager is known as the “Ante” in this card game. When you play Teen Patti with a restriction, the ante will also cap the pot amount in all the game rounds to 1024 times.

Step 3: The Dealer Gets to Deal the Cards

The dealer will deal all the cards to the players, and himself until everyone gets three cards each. The dealt cards will be facing down.

Step 4: Start the Game by Playing with the Player Next to the Dealer

The player who is set right next to the dealer is the one who will begin the game. That player can pick to play “blind” or “seen.” Here, seen means the player has checked the face-down cards before placing the bet, and blind means that the player did not look at the cards.

When the player picks the play blind option, he/she has the chance to double the ante or call. If the player chooses the play seen option, he/she can either quadruple or double up the ante.

Step 5: Continuation of the Game

The game continues in a clockwise manner where every player, including yourself, will get the chance to raise, call or fold as a seen or blind player. The number of funds you need to bet will depend on the present stake, which the previous player creates.

If you did not see the cards [Playing as a blind player]:

  • If the previous player has already seen the cards, you need to place your wager at half of the present or the current stake.
  • When the previous player did not see the cards, you have to wager at twice the current stake or the current one.

When you have seen the cards [Playing as a seen player]:

  • You have to place your bet on the current stake or two times the current stake if the previous player has seen the cards.
  • You have to bet on four times the current stake or two times the current stake if the previous player places their bet without seeing the cards.

Step 6: Request a Sideshow

When playing as the “seen player” right after another seen player and there are only three players left, as the current player, you can request for a sideshow from the previous player. The previous player is free to deny or accept the request.

If the player accepts the sideshow, both players can compare their cards with each other. The player with the low-ranking hand should fold. However, if the hand rankings are the same, the player requested the sideshow has to fold. If the sideshow request gets denied, the wagering process will continue normally.

Step 7: Request for a Showdown

If the players have folded, or there are only two players left, one player can challenge the other player to a showdown. The players get to compare their cards, and the player with the higher-ranking hand will get to win the whole pot.

Game cards with chips

Teen Patti Rules – The Basic Rules of the Game

Like all casino games, Teen Patti also has a set of rules that every player must follow. Here we are discussing some of these rules:

Determining the Winning Sequence and Hand Ranking

All the dealt cards that have a sequence should be ranked higher when compared with other sequences within the series. This particular series is similar to the poker game. It has high-ranking sequences like “Trail” and low-ranking sequences like “High Cards.”

The Dealing Card

The Rules also includes a dealer who provides three cards to all the players. The distribution of cards is conducted counter-clockwise, and the game begins with the player sitting next to the dealer.

Playing Blind or Playing Seen

Players can choose to play as blind players or take a peek at the card right before the game begins. Once the initial funds are collected equally from all the players, all the funds get deposited at a central pot.

Determining the Value of the Stake

You might think the rules of this game are a bit too confusing sometimes. The value of the stake gets determined by whether or not the current player and the previous player were playing blind.

When the current and the previous players are playing blind, the stake amount will stay the same. But when the previous player did not play as a blind player, the current player can utilize the current stake value or half of the previous player’s stake value.

When the current and previous players are not playing blind, the current stake value will increase or stay the same. The current stake value can be increased by 4 times or doubled when the preceding player plays blind.

Card Showing or Folding

The wagering will continue until only one player has folded their cards. The last player will get to win the whole pot. But if two players fold, one of them challenge will the other to a sideshow. Depending heavily on whether or not the current player and the preceding player are playing blind, the value of the stakes will be different.

The Hand Rankings of Teen Patti

These are the following hand rankings of the game:

  • Trail or Trio: Player has three card sequences that carry the same rank. For instance: Triple 5 or 5,5,5.

  • Straight Run: When a three-card sequence carries the same suit. For instance, 9, 8, 7 of Diamond.

  • Normal Run: The three-card sequence of different suits placed in consecutive order. For instance: K of Diamonds, Q of Spade, and J of Club.

  • Flush: Three cards of the same color and suit are not placed in consecutive order. For instance: 10, 3, and K of Spades.

  • Pair: When two of the three cards dealt have the same rank, it’s known as a pair sequence. For instance: 6, K, K.

  • High Card: The three cards sequence separate in a color suit and stay out of order but carry a high-ranking card within their sequence. For instance: 10, A, and 7.

To help you have a good understanding of the hand-ranking in Teen Patti, here is a small table that states the probability percentage of each hand.

Hand TypeProbabilityFrequencyOddsCumulative Probability
High Card74.39%164400.34:1100.00%
Sequence /Straight/Run3.26%72029.69:13.71%
Pure Sequence/ Straight Flush0.22%4859.42:10.45%

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An Example Round

The game of Teen Patti can be a little confusing for some new players. So, to help you understand the game better here is a detailed explanation of an example round.

“Suppose Player A, Player B, and Player C are playing Teen Patti with an Ante of INR 100.

Player A is the first one to act. He/she plays as the blind and can call INR100 or raise to INR 200. But Player A decides to call INR 100.

The stake here is INR 100 [stays unaffected]

Player B is the 2nd person to act. He/she wants to see the cards first and wants to play as a seen player. The last bet placed was INR100, so Player B can either call INR 200 or [for all seen players it will cost double] can raise to INR 400. Player B likes the cards, so he/she raises them to INR 400.

The stake here is INR 400 [But halved to INR 200 because Player B is playing as a seen player]

Player C will now act. He/she decides to play as a seen player. The player who just placed a wager was seen, the stake will not be INR 400, but it’s halved to INR 200. This means that Player C either calls at INR 400 or raised to INR 800. But Player C decides to call at INR 400.

The stake here is INR 400 [It’s halved to INR 200 because Player C played as a seen player].

Again, it’s time for Player A to act. The player can see the cards if he/she wants but keeps playing as a blind player. The stake is at INR 200 since the last player played as a seen player. Player A can call at INR 200 or raise to INR 400, but he/she decides to call at INR 200.

The stake is INR 200 and remains unaffected.

Now, it’s time for Player B to bet again. The last player was blind, so the stake will not be halved and remain at INR 200. If only Player B wants to fold and then give up, he/she can wager INR 400 or raise it to INR 800. Player B is happy with the hand and wishes to raise it to INR 800.

The total stake here is INR 800 [It’s halved to INR 400 because player B is playing as a seen player].

Teen Patti Tips and Strategies to Check Out!

If you wish to play wisely and win the game, you can follow these strategies and tips to increase your chances of winning:

  1. Play with Free Chips: You will find several sites that offer players free chips. Use those free chips as they can provide you the opportunity to practice the game without risking actual funds.

  2. Begin Slow: If you’re new to the game, don’t try to place big bets during the beginning of the game. Take some time to receive good cards, increasing your chances of winning. Making strategic bets from the beginning will make the players with weak cards fold way too early. It’s a perfect way to win a good amount of money.

  3. Always stay alert: Try to pay attention to the other players playing along with you. Take a look at their expressions and patterns. Your ability to read other players will surely increase your chances of winning.

  4. Opt for the sideshow: Just like we have mentioned in this article, a sideshow will give you the chance to ask the previous player to show their hands. Using this option will improve your chances of winning and reduce your losses.

  5. Pack up when you have a weak hand: A player needs to know when to pack if you wish to be successful in Teen Patti. If you have fewer chances of winning, it’s an excellent option to pack and then patiently wait for a much better round. You should always observe card wagering because it can limit the losses.

  6. Use bluffing: Bluffing is one of the most crucial parts of the game. This is a strategy that every self-respecting Teen Patti player must employ when playing the game. Bluffing is known as the “art of coaxing” other players that you have strong hands even when you have a moderately weak hand. Bluffing also involves urging other players that you have it worse than you do.

Teen Patti Variations

This game has several variations which you will learn through this section.

999 Variation

Under this variation, players have to make a hand closest to 999. The best hand under this variation is any suit of 9-9-9.


Under Muflis, the players who have the weakest hand will win the Teen Patti game. All the rules are the same as the normal Teen Patti game, but here, if you have the weakest hand, you will win.

Joker Variation

Three cards from a shuffled deck get distributed to all the participants. The dealer will randomly pull out one card and nominate the other cards of the same number of jokers, rank, or strength.

4X Boot

This particular variation is played just like the classic version of this popular game. But the only difference here is that the starting boot value is four times the standard boot value.

AK 47

In the AK 47 variation, cards that rank 7, 4, A, and K are known as Jokers. Players who have the most substantial hands will win the game. The wagering and rules stay the same.

The Faceoff

In this variation, cards like A, J, 10, K, and Q are the faceoff cards. Every player on the table will get all these cards. The player that has the best hand will win the game.

Two-lowest Wild

Here, all the players will deal with four cards. The two cards that have the lowest ranking are known as the wild cards in a player’s hands.

High Wild

Under the high wild variations, the highest-ranking cards are known as “wild cards. Apart from that, the rest of the things are the same, as the low wild.

Card Color Burst

Under this variation, after the dealer provides three cards each to every participant, he draws three face-up cards on the play table. The 1st card that defines the number is the Joker out of the three cards.

The 2nd is the color card, and just as the name implies, cards dealt with the same color under this variation will be a joker.

Lastly, the 3rd card is known as the burst. When a player deals with this card, they have to fold.

Where to Play Teen Patti Online?

When it comes to playing real cash Teen Patti, you can do so at some of India’s best and most reliable betting sites. Here, at BetNinjas, we will only suggest you with licensed wagering sites and follow all the adheres to all the highest standards of safety and security. So, let’s find out which are these sites.

  • Leo Vegas Casino: Leo Vegas is a well-known and trusted casino site. You can play live Teen Patti here and also get to play a humongous range of other casino games. The wagering site is licensed under the strict Malta gaming authority and offers some of the smoothest gaming experiences online. You can get a welcome bonus of 100% up to INR 80,000.

    The full bonus terms & conditions are available on their site.

  • Pure Win: Pure Win is another casino site where you can play Teen Patti and other casino games. The casino features Teen Patti live and online versions. The site is registered under the laws of Curacao and is known for its responsive customer service. Registering on the site will provide you with a 100% match bonus of up to INR 90,000. You will also get an INR 1,500 casino free bet.

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In Summary

Teen Patti is an engaging and exciting game where players can win money if they play wisely. Both experienced and new players must follow all the rules of the game and develop their own tricks and strategies.
If you’re just a beginner, we suggest that you practice by playing the game with low stakes. Doing so will help you improve your winning chances when you play for real money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teen Patti?
Teen Patti is a well-known card game, which is played between 3 players to 6 players with a standard deck of 52 cards. Your goal is to form the three best card hands according to the hand rankings.
How to Play Teen Patti Online?
To play online Teen Patti, you need to look for a trusted and licensed casino site that offers this particular game.
How Can I Win in Online Teen Patti?
If you want to win in this particular game, here are the things you should follow: ● Read all the guidelines right before you start playing. ● Practice the game in the free version before playing for real money. ● Place small bets instead of big ones during the starting of the Teen Patti game. ● Start playing as a “blind player.”
What is the Strongest Hand in Teen Patti?
The strongest hand that will guarantee a victory in most cases is the trail or trio, which features 3 cards of the same number. Naturally, the stronger the cards, the stronger the trio. So if 2 players score a trio, the one with the higher cards will win. For example, 3 8’s or 8-8-8.