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Cricket is the name of the game. A Commonwealth country favourite, cricket is played by gentlemen from Bangalore to Mumbai, Delhi to Chennai, and everywhere in between. Cricket betting is a way of life for us in India. Everybody wants to know one thing: How can you make money betting on cricket? You don’t need a crystal ball – but if you’ve got one, use it – to make winning cricket picks. Our team of cricket experts understand the nitty-gritty of the game. We know how the pitch feels under our feet, when we shimmy towards the ball and slog sweep it out the park for 6 runs. We know how it feels to be a master blaster in cricket!

What cricket picks will pay off the most? This is a good question, because if you want to learn how to predict cricket matches correctly you have to make the right cricket bets. Our cricket professionals follow a simple set of rules. We want to share this cricket betting strategy with you, so that you can get more out of the game, and maybe even win a bunch of lakhs for your efforts. First things first. We look at the strengths of each team. Who are the star batsmen? Who are the star bowlers? Who are the star fielders? Now, we are getting somewhere yaar! 

Technical Analysis & Commonsense Approach to Cricket Betting

Every cricket team has 11 players. For batting teams, we consider the strength of the top order, the middle order, and the lower order. A long batting lineup is good for runs, and runs means money for cricket bets. A strong bowling team usually has a weak batting lineup, but not always. 

Our cricket experts at BetNinjas examine the in-form players, players who are carrying injuries, and newcomers to the team. Cricket has many wildcards, and this can influence your cricket betting selections in a big way. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Sure, you will see odds-on favourites in the IPL, with top teams getting better odds to win than weaker teams. But it’s anybody’s game on the day!

How to Pick Winners in Cricket?

Picking winners in cricket is not like a coin toss which decides which team will bat first or bowl first. We pool our collective insights together, with robust discussion between ourselves about which players (batsmen, bowlers, and fielders), and which teams should be assigned favourite odds or underdog odds. Based on our objective analysis, we come to consensus for our cricket betting fans. You will always get expert insights into the game at BetNinjas– that’s our guarantee to you.

Follow the logic. A player on a purple patch is going to take wickets, make catches, or score runs. Sometimes these patterns abruptly end, and we have to reassess our cricket betting odds that we present to you. Don’t worry, all of this is done in a timely fashion so that you can benefit from these dynamic odds. Our cricket betting tips are great for greenhorns (new players) and seasoned players. We love to add some spice to our cricket betting tips, cricket articles, and cricket guides, to keep you invested in the game.

You know the Master Blaster, the Prince of Calcutta, and Jumbo – these guys changed the game

for Indian players and the world at large. Now, we are ready to introduce you to the guys at BetNinjas. Our team of cricket superstars plays behind-the-scenes to bring you safe cricket tips and valuable cricket insights for each and every game. 

Make Your Play Today!

Straight talk is the way we play. Just like no batsman likes to face sur sur batti bowling, we like to keep things straight with our cricket bettors. Check out our cricket betting tips for useful information that you can use. Our cricket tips are great for ODIs, Test Match Cricket, T20, domestic and international cricket tours. When legends of the game come steaming in to the wicket, it’s best to be prepared for what’s going to happen. The crowds will go wild, the change room will rejoice, and you will certainly be happy with the cricket tips you get right here!