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Winning Tips for Sports Betting in India

Let’s face it, nobody likes to lose! In the competitive world of professional sports, every athlete gives 100% in pursuit of a glorious victory. BetNinjas is a quality provider of aggregated sports betting services to help you pick winners. We know what it takes to slog sweep a ball out the park for 6 runs; our tipsters really know how to get the scoop. We love winners, and so do you. Our sports betting tips will make you feel like a champ, because we truly love sports.

Follow our sports betting tips, and you can learn how to make money off losing teams. That’s right sports fans. Our professional tipsters go down to the pitch, or the field of play, and check things out firsthand, for you. We get the scoop from the players, the fans, and even the overhead weather conditions. Some wickets are great for spinners, others are better suited to batsmen. Follow our objective sports betting advice and benefit from the wisdom of the pros.

Next time you bet on an IPL match with the Mumbai Indians, the Chennai Super Kings, the Delhi Capitals, or the Sunrisers Hyderabad, pick BetNinjas. We always give 100% because we like to get things right. Follow the stats on who won, lost, tied, and where these teams are positioned on the leaderboard. You don’t need to consult additional resources – we are your go-to resource for all things cricket, football, and other popular sports across India. Ready to make your play? Come on over to BetNinjas for a hot sports tip!

How We Get It Right in Cricket with Sports Betting Tips

It’s tough calling winners, or losers in cricket. But, our professional tipsters have plenty of experience in cricket, football, field hockey, and Kabaddi in India. Of course, cricket is the #1 sport in the country, with a mass following of devout cricket fans. Our tipsters play cricket, watch cricket, and write about cricket – that’s why they’re great at giving cricket tips. We’ve been following legends like Tendulkar, Dhoni, Dravid, and Ganguly over the years; it’s no wonder  we don’t like cricket, we love it! 

We can read the pitch really well. We know when the wicket’s turning, and when it will benefit spinners. That generally means slower, lower scoring games with tougher competition. When the pace bowlers are out on the pitch, we can expect 4s and 6s, with higher scoring matches and master blasters, with lots of competitive betting. Our cricket tipsters will always give you their best advice on how to bet on cricket. We watch the players’ performances, and make educated predictions about their form. Will they get stumped out? Will they hit a 6? Our sports betting insights are a great way to boost your game, and maybe even your back pocket.

How We Get It Right in Football with Sports Betting Tips

Want to bet on the world’s most popular sport? You’ve come to the right place! Football is the most played, most watched ballgame in the world. Nothing even comes close. You’ve got 11 players competing for possession, and dominance to score the winning goals. Whether it’s a low scoring match or a high-scoring match, trust our sophisticated insights to give you a fighting chance. We know how hard you work for your money, and we know how much you love sport. Our tipsters cut across the spectrum – we don’t favour one team or another – we favour winners and we like to win too!

Successful football betting is part love of game, part statistics, and 100% commitment to details. Whether it’s MLS, the Premier League, La Liga, or the Bundesliga, we know our football. Our tipsters are ready to share their knowledge with you. Soon, you’ll be betting on football selections in the quarter-finals, semifinals, and finals of the UEFA Champions League, and the next FIFA World Cup too. Our football tipsters are always onside – we never stray from the referee’s line of sight. We know the rules. We know the game really well. Make smart football betting decisions with BetNinjas. We don’t let much slip through our tipsters hands – that’s our promise to you.

Best Sports Betting Tips in India

How do you know you are getting the best sports betting tips in India? It’s simple really – the results! Talk is cheap, but winning tips really put a smile on your face. Our cricket tips, football tips, field hockey tips, and Kabaddi tips can help you to win more matches, hands down. This is our passion. We love our sports. Give our sports tips a try because we really believe in what we do. Pick your favourite sport, check out our sports betting tips, and make smart bet selections with our talented professionals from across India. We are not promoting an agenda – we’re pushing the best sports betting tips on the market, just like that!

Make Your Play Today! BetNinjas slices right through the smog and gives you value propositions for sports betting. Our samurai swords are razor sharp, just like our bettors. That’s why with us, you always get the real deal for cricket betting, football betting, field hockey betting, and Kabaddi betting, 24/7. Join our family of sports-crazed fans and make your passion count. We’ll show you how to boost your bankroll with lots of rupees – just the way you like it. Our in-depth sports betting guides, insights, and opinions are geared towards making you a better sports bettor. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about, you our trusted player. When you win, yaar – it’s truly game time!