About us

About BetNinjas

We are Bet Ninjas, providing expert content, latest tips and helping you become ‘Black belt Ninjas’ in the world of betting. We bring to you the best betting sites for Indian players like yourself!  We believe in being equipped with the right information, we are here to provide you with the relevant, current content so you can play, enjoy and even make some money on the side.  

We help you throw your shurikens in the right direction! 

 Who is Bet Ninjas? 

We are Ninjas who possess the ‘shadow skills’ – a team of four highly experienced people from different sectors who decided to come together with our common love for games, sharing our knowledge and helping players to make the right choices.  We enjoy our work so much, that we decided to set up Bet Ninjas! 

Why have we set up BetNinjas? 

We are Ninjas, who believe in the power of sharing and enhancing people’s skill in gaming and betting.  We have the knowledge, we want to share it with you! 

Be sports betting, where we carefully handpick the best betting sites / deals for you, or be wagering in an online game, we strive to bring to you, the best offers.

Plus, of course, we all have to make some money. So Bet Ninjas is also an affiliate marketing site, meaning that by referring customers to other sites we trust and recommend, we might earn a referral fee.

We reassure you, all the content on our website is scrutinized, reviewed and tested with all our ninja skills – so we all win at the end!