IPL Betting Tips

By Zohaib Ahmed, Senior Author

If one calls the Indian Premier League a cricket calendar’s greatest T20 spectacle (barring the World Cup of course), it won’t be wrong. A total of 14 editions of the tournament are already in the books and the 15th one is upon us.

Before the T20 extravaganza kicks off, this is your chance to know all about what the tournament has to offer, study its schedule as well as analyse its betting odds. Watch out for our IPL betting tips at the bottom.

Here at BetNinjas, we get you all the updates on all cricket teams and players in India so you can make an informed decision while betting. Let’s take a close look at the teams, the excitement of who makes it to the playoffs and what skills and techniques each entity will take to put your money on the best team and players.  

Indian Premier League Format & Rules

This is the first time that the Indian Premier League will be a 10-team event. This was made possible after the league added Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans to the fold. Had the league not expanded, the format would probably have been the same as last year. However, following the additions, retaining the older format became harder as it would have resulted in a whopping 94 matches. Thus, the previous format has been dumped and a format similar to the 2011 one has been adopted. The format is also similar to the one followed in the NBA.

What happens now is that the 10 teams have been divided into groups of five. Each team will play other teams in its group twice and four teams of the other group once, while it will have two fixtures against a select fifth team of the other group.

There is no scientific or seed system put in place to determine that fifth team of the other group against whom there will be twin matches. That has already been predetermined by the league, with twin matches scheduled between Mumbai and Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad, Rajasthan and Bangalore, Delhi and Punjab, and lastly, Lucknow and Gujarat. This way, each team will get to play 14 matches, just like last year.

Despite the division, there will be a consolidated points table featuring all 10 teams. The top four will advance to the playoffs where four matches will be played namely Qualifier 1, Eliminator, Qualifier 2, and the big Final.

What’s Unique About the IPL?

Ever wonder why IPL betting is so much fun? In a 20-over match the risks are high and start right from the beginning of the match. The cricketing strategy, too, is very different from Test matches and ODIs. Here, the players want to pile up runs instead of focusing on keeping their wickets intact.

You cannot deny that the Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest cricketing extravaganza, which has cricket buffs hooked onto their television sets and their phones too. With online fantasy sports and match predictions, the thrill of the teams, games and scores does not just end on field.

The three things that make the IPL super unique are money, glamour, and talent. This is by far the richest cricket league in the world and so it is flush with money. And that money’s magic is seen in everything from big and crowded stadia to magnificent production quality and razzmatazz in general.

The league also has a huge Bollywood link, with multiple franchises having big celebrities as their co-owners. That adds to the league’s appeal and ability to draw the fans out in big numbers.

Lastly, because there is so much money involved, the IPL attracts the crème de la crème of the world’s cricket talent. Often, players of world-class ability are found sitting on the bench because the playing eleven is so chock-full of talent. This is not found anywhere in the world and any franchise cricket competition.

What’s New on the IPL 2022?

The first thing that would catch your eye in this IPL is the sheer size of the competition. The tournament now has a massive 10 teams, with Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans the newcomers.

Lucknow are owned by the RPSG Group, which was awarded the rights for a whopping $940 million, whereas CVC Capital had to cough up $750m for the Ahmedabad-based Gujarat side.

Another major change was to the name of the tournament, which will now be called Tata IPL 2022, following Chinese firm Vivo’s decision to pull out of the sponsorship deal.

However, the thing that will catch the most eyeballs this tournament and might even leave a few confused is the NBA-style league format, which has been used in the IPL only once previously and never in the rest of the big leagues.

Past Winners & Stats:

Year Winner Runner TeamsVenue 
2021Chennai Super KingsKolkata Knight Riders 8Dubai
2020Mumbai Indians Delhi Capitals8Dubai
2019 Mumbai Indians Chennai Super Kings8Hyderabad
2018Chennai Super Kings Surisers Hyderabad 8Mumbai
2017 MumbaiIndiansRising Pune Supergiants8Hyderabad
2016Sunrisers Hyderabad Royal Challengers Bangalore8Bangalore
2015 Mumbai Indians Chennai Super Kings 8Kolkata
2014Kolkata Knight Riders Kings XI Punjab 8Bangalore 
2013MumbaiIndiansChennai Super Kings 9Kolkata 
2012 Kolkata Knight Riders Chennai Super Kings 9Chennai 
2011Chennai Super Kings Royal Challengers Bangalore 10 Chennai
2010Chennai Super KingsMumbai Indians8Mumbai
2009Deccan ChargersRoyal Challengers Bangalore8Johannesburg
2008Rajasthan RoyalsChennai Super Kings8Mumbai
IPL teams in 2022Number of IPL Wins
Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
Delhi Capitals (DC)0
Kings XI Punjab (KXIP)0
Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)2
Mumbai Indians (MI)5
Rajasthan Royal (RR)1
Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)0
Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)1
Lucknow Super Giants (LSG)0
Gujarat Titans 0

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IPL League 2022 Schedule

Match No.DayDateMatchTime (IST)Venue
1SaturdayMarch 26, 2022CSK vs KKR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
2SundayMarch 27, 2022DC vs MI3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
3SundayMarch 27, 2022PBKS vs RCB7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
4MondayMarch 28, 2022GT vs LSG7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
5TuesdayMarch 29, 2022SRH vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
6WednesdayMarch 30, 2022RCB vs KKR7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
7ThursdayMarch 31, 2022LSG vs CSK7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
8FridayApril 1, 2022KKR vs PBKS7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
9SaturdayApril 2, 2022MI vs RR3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
10SaturdayApril 2, 2022GT vs DC7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
11SundayApril 3, 2022CSK vs PBKS7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
12MondayApril 4, 2022SRH vs LSG7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
13TuesdayApril 5, 2022RR vs RCB7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
14WednesdayApril 6, 2022KKR vs MI7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
15ThursdayApril 7, 2022LSG vs DC7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
16FridayApril 8, 2022PBKS vs GT7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
17SaturdayApril 9, 2022CSK vs SRH3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
18SaturdayApril 9, 2022RCB vs MI7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
19SundayApril 10, 2022KKR vs DC3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
20SundayApril 10, 2022RR vs LSG7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
21MondayApril 11, 2022SRH vs GT7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
22TuesdayApril 12, 2022CSK vs RCB7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
23WednesdayApril 13, 2022MI vs PBKS7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
24ThursdayApril 14, 2022RR vs GT7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
25FridayApril 15, 2022SRH vs KKR7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
26SaturdayApril 16, 2022MI vs LSG3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
27SaturdayApril 16, 2022DC vs RCB7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
28SundayApril 17, 2022PBKS vs SRH3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
29SundayApril 17, 2022GT vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
30MondayApril 18, 2022RR vs KKR7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
31TuesdayApril 19, 2022LSG vs RCB7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
32WednesdayApril 20, 2022DC vs PBKS7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
33ThursdayApril 21, 2022MI vs CSK7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
34FridayApril 22, 2022DC vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
35SaturdayApril 23, 2022KKR vs GJ3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
36SaturdayApril 23, 2022RCB vs SRH7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
37SundayApril 24, 2022LSG vs MI7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
38MondayApril 25, 2022PBKS vs CSK7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
39TuesdayApril 26, 2022RCB vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
40WednesdayApril 27, 2022GT vs SRH7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
41ThursdayApril 28, 2022DC vs KKR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
42FridayApril 29, 2022PBKS vs LSG7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
43SaturdayApril 30, 2022GT vs RCB3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
44SaturdayApril 30, 2022RR vs MI7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
45SundayMay 1, 2022DC vs LSG3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
46SundayMay 1, 2022SRH vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
47MondayMay 2, 2022KKR vs RR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
48TuesdayMay 3, 2022GT vs PBKS7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
49WednesdayMay 4, 2022RCB vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
50ThursdayMay 5, 2022DC vs SRH7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
51FridayMay 6, 2022GT vs MI7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
52SaturdayMay 7, 2022PBKS vs RR3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
53SaturdayMay 7, 2022LSG vs KKR3:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
54SundayMay 8, 2022SRH vs RCB3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
55SundayMay 8, 2022CSK vs DC3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
56MondayMay 9, 2022MI vs KKR7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
57TuesdayMay 10, 2022LSG vs GT7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
58WednesdayMay 11, 2022RR vs DC7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
59ThursdayMay 12, 2022CSK vs MI7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
60FridayMay 13, 2022RCB vs PBKS7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
61SaturdayMay 14, 2022KKR vs SRH7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
62SundayMay 15, 2022CSK vs GT3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
63SundayMay 15, 2022LSG vs RR7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
64MondayMay 16, 2022PBKS vs DC7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
65TuesdayMay 17, 2022MI vs SRH7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
66WednesdayMay 18, 2022KKR vs LSG7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
67ThursdayMay 19, 2022RCB vs GT7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
68FridayMay 20, 2022RR vs CSK7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
69SaturdayMay 21, 2022MI vs DC7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
70SundayMay 22, 2022SRH vs PBKS7:30 PMWankhede Stadium

IPL 2022 Team Status

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians had a poor campaign from their standards last year, missing out on the playoffs and failing to defend their title. Despite the disappointment, they made no changes to their coaching staff, retaining Mahela Jayawardene along with the star quartet of Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Kieron Pollard, and Suryakumar Yadav.

During the auction, they had just one goal, which was to re-sign Ishan Kishan no matter what the cost. It cost them a big bit they’d tell you that they’re still happy. They also picked up Jofra Archer even though he is out injured and can’t play this IPL.

In all, Mumbai did well and still have a roster that can compete for the title. If not this year, then certainly next when Archer is back to terrorise opponents.  

Chennai Super Kings

The focus of defending champions Chennai Super Kings during the offseason was to retain their title-winning core from last year and then look for all-rounders that can help them bat deep and also provide bowling options.

They retained Ravindra Jadeja, MS Dhoni, Moeen Ali, and Ruturaj Gaikwad, and to them, they added stars such as Robin Uthappa, Dwayne Bravo, Ambati Rayudu, and Deepak Chahar.

Once again, by the looks of their overall squad strength and shrewd additions, it seems that Dhoni and company will be a force during their title defence.

Kolkata Knight Riders   

Kolkata were the surprise package last year, somehow sneaking into the playoffs where they suddenly came alive and knocked out Bangalore and Delhi before finally seeing their incredible run ended in the final by CSK.

They retained Andre Russell, Varun Chakravarthy, Venkatesh Iyer, and Sunil Narine before adding to that quartet names such as Shreyas Iyer, Pat Cummins, and Nitish Rana.

KKR’s top order left a lot to be desired last year – a weakness that was not addressed this year as well. It seems that more often than not they will again have to look at their bowling unit to bail them out – unless of course one of their newer, lesser-known recruits turns out to be a fast and free-scoring batting gem.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

This was by far the worst team in the competition last year that had a variety of problems, including an implosion that saw them sack their captain David Warner mid-tournament. The sacking didn’t change much as Hyderabad were just as horrible under Kane Williamson.

Changes were warranted and changes did happen. Trevor Bayliss, Brad Haddin, and VVS Laxman are all gone, with Tom Moody taking over as the new head coach. Simon Katich will be his assistant whereas legendary South African pacer Dale Steyn will be the bowling coach.

After retaining Kane Williamson, Abdul Samad, and Umran Malik, Hyderabad signed Nicholas Pooran, Washington Sundar, and Rahul Tripathi, while also re-signing Bhuvneshwar Kumar among others.

Hyderabad appear slightly misbalanced, with more bowling options than batting firepower, although the presence of Williamson, Markram, and Pooran in the middle order should resolve that issue to some degree.

Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royals were disappointing last season, avoiding the bottom only due to the generosity of even more abysmal Sunrisers Hyderabad.

They did not make any notable changes in the backroom staff and retained captain Sanju Samson, Jos Buttler, and Yashasvi Jaiswal. Their notable additions during the auction were Prasidh Krishna, Shimron Hetmyer, Trent Boult, Ravichandran Ashwin, and Devdutt Padikkal.

It appears a decent bunch for now, but then all rosters look good before the first ball is bowled. They might struggle a bit during death overs due to a specialist pacer for that purpose but other than that it’s a pretty decent unit.  

Royal Challengers Bangalore

It’s been 14 years and still, there is no IPL title for Royal Challengers Bangalore. The Virat Kohli-led side was knocked out in the Eliminator game last year, which ended another season of agony.

They promoted former batting consultant Sanjay Bangar to the head coaching role during the offseason and retained Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell, and Mohammed Siraj before re-signing Harshal Patel and Wanindu Hasaranga and adding new names such as Josh Hazlewood and Faf du Plessis.

This is again a very talented unit put together by RCB but then they’ve had decent teams almost every year. It’s just that despite the ingredients in place, their recipe for success always comes up short.

Delhi Capitals   

Delhi Capitals were superb during the round-robin stage last year and finished at the top but ran out of gas during the playoffs, losing both their matches and crashing out.

During the off-season, they let go of assistant coaches Mohammad Kaif and Ajay Ratra and replaced them with Ajit Agarkar and Shane Watson.

Their retentions ahead of the auction were of Rishabh Pant, Axar Patel, Prithvi Shaw, and Anrich Nortje, to which they added names such as Shardul Thakur, Mitchell Marsh, David Warner, and Kuldeep Yadav among others.

A cursory look at their roster is enough to know that the Capitals have scary firepower in their batting unit and it runs deep. They also have a fair share of bowling all-rounders, which is only going to help their cause. In all, Delhi once again packs a lot of talent.

Punjab Kings

Punjab Kings were one of those also-rans last year, not quite that rubbish but not quite that good either, as they finished sixth and failed to make the playoffs for seven straight years.

Head coach Anil Kumble still finds himself in the job, with the management appointing Wasim Jaffer to help him improve the batters’ production. Former assistant coach Andy Flower has left to coach Lucknow.

Punjab Kings only retained Mayank Agarwal and Arshdeep Singh, which left them with a big purse of cash to splash during the auction and splash they did.

Kagiso Rabada, Shikhar Dhawan, Jonny Bairstow, and Liam Livingstone are now all on their books. This may have been said before but we’re going to utter it again despite the risk of jinxing it: Punjab Kings look loaded this year.  

Lucknow Super Giants  

Lucknow owners are no strangers to IPL auctions as they previously owned Rising Pune Supergiant, which explains their shrewd performance during the mega auction this year.

Powered by the think tank of newly appointed head coach Andy Flower and mentor Gautam Gambhir, Lucknow systematically constructed a pretty decent unit, first picking KL Rahul, Marcus Stoinis, and Ravi Bishnoi ahead of the auction and then signing players such as Jason Holder, Quinton de Kock, and Manish Pandey.

Their first-choice eleven looks very well balanced, with enough variety and depth in both bowling and batting units. Even their bench has decent names.

Gujarat Titans

One of the two expansion franchises, the Titans picked the trio of Hardik Pandya, Rashid Khan, and Shubman Gill ahead of the auction. Once the bidding began, they added Lockie Ferguson, Mohammed Shami, and Jason Roy among others.

They will be coached by Ashish Nehra, who has never been a head coach at this level but has been the bowling coach before. South African legend Gary Kirsten will be by his side overseeing the batters’ performance. Gujarat have recruited well and do have some outstanding talent but would it be enough to make an impact in their very first season? Only time will tell. What we can tell you is that for them to go deep in their inaugural campaign, they would require big contributions from Pandya and Rashid.

Top IPL Betting Strategies to Keep In Mind

Study the Stats

As a gambler, your role is that of an analyst and you have to identify where the edge is. What do we mean by that? You must get an idea of weather conditions and how it could affect the IPL game, the pitch conditions and which pitch is favorable and which of the eight teams has done well on that ground, which teams are playing each other and what is their track record in past games. There is enough material on the internet on the history of all teams, their performances against particular teams and players who have excelled with the bat and ball. 

Understand the Odds

Understanding the odds is imperative to knowing what to expect from the team or the aspect you are betting on. For instance, Mumbai Indians have been IPL champions five times and CSK have triumphed three times. Does it mean that these teams are certain to contend for IPL 2022? No, betting on cricket, or any other game for that matter, does not work like that. History and track record work at times and fall completely flat the other. This was evident in IPL 2021 when Mumbai, the most winningest IPL side, triumphed again but CSK tanked and finished second to bottom. Here at BetNinjas our take is, know what you are getting into and why you are betting on that. Don’t just go in for a bet because someone tells you it is good. Getting a hang of the odds will make you more in charge than just blindly following trends. Use prior knowledge in betting to place your bets. And if you’re new to this then BetNinjas is just the place for you. 

Don’t Chase Losses

Betting for the sake of it can spell doom. We suggest you wait before you are sure of a team to put your money on. Betting on a team you support at times can be a recipe for disaster. Remember, betting is not the place for emotions and personal likings or disliking – unless of course you want to lose money. Thus, be open to betting on a team that might not be your favorite but has the potential of winning you big bucks. Teams that have been weak in previous IPLs or even in the beginning of an IPL edition can pick up towards the end. This is when you forget your favorite team’s stats and instead focus on the current crop of teams that are playing well. The graph changes by the day with each match and remember, it is all relative and depends on a team’s performance in comparison to other seven teams. 

Be in Control of Your Money 

Why do we say this? Putting all your eggs in one basket could stand to be a big mistake and you may end up losing more than you started with. You must know when to bet and how much to bet. So go ahead and keep aside some money for IPL betting, after all, you only get one such opportunity every year to strike gold. But know what portion of your money you will stake where. The last thing you want is losing all your money by backing the wrong team. Again BetNinjas stresses on analysis. Follow the team’s matches, see what others are betting on and why, and only then make your pick.  

Identify a Good Bet

If you see any value on a particular bet, you should go for. Don’t waste your time on a bet that has no value. It’s better to pass on such bets and wait for high value plays. Till then, do your research and understand which team you will put your money on next. There is no shortage of money making opportunities in gambling game. 

BetNinjas Predictions

To get you started, here are some of our major IPL betting predictions for the upcoming season:

Sunrisers Hyderabad Will Likely Struggle Again

Hyderabad are likely to have a hard time this year and might even finish bottom of the points table. When a franchised competition expands, it’s usually the newcomers that hog the bottom but it could be different here. Hyderabad have lost several star names and their batting could arguably be the weakest in the competition. We won’t be surprised if they take home the dreaded wooden spoon for the second year running.

Delhi Capitals are Armed With a Strong Line-up

Delhi Capitals lost Shikhar Dhawan but have also added David Warner, who despite what the critics say is definitely not over the hill. Even their number six batter Rovman Powell is a powerhouse. Also coming is for them is Mitchell Marsh, who has been superb in T20 cricket over the last year. If he can also bowl for Delhi, it would be an unexpected bonus. In all, we’d be surprised if Delhi do not dominate the competition this year.

Rohit Sharma to Finish as Top Scorer

Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma did not have the best of IPL last year as the tournament moved from the comfort of India to the UAE. This year the entire tournament will be played in India (fingers crossed), which is why we expect Sharma to come back roaring and hungry for runs.

Best IPL Betting Sites

The ability to pick winners is of course the most important thing in IPL betting but it becomes irrelevant if you get trapped playing with shady books, which can trouble you in a number of ways ranging from poor or no bonuses, bad IPL betting odds, and payout holdups.

To rid you of these problems, we at BetNinjas only recommend sportsbooks that have proper licensing and are regulated rigorously by global and regional gambling bodies. That minimises the chances of you getting cheated out of your principal amount as well as your hard-earned winnings.

Two of the books that we recommend highly for IPL betting are 10Cric and Paripesa. On top of being licensed sportsbooks with a valid Curacao license, both of them are some of the best betting sites for IPL and Cricket betting in general.
Here is what they have to offer to their players:

Paripesa: a relative newcomer to the Indian online betting realm, however, they are quickly gaining scope. The site offers full Hindi support, rupee payments, and great cricket & IPL betting odds. Also, the site is known for its generous bonuses & promos.
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Furthermore, while playing with Paripesa, any customer can get their bets insured in full or in part. To find out the full assortment of their offerings, head over to their website.

Bonus terms & conditions apply. The full details are available on their site.

10Cric: an India-first online sportsbook that features full rupee support, highly-competitive cricket betting odds, and many other benefits for the Indian player.  Moreover, the site has an array of bonuses and promos to make its players’ gambling experience with them pleasant and profitable.

To all potential players who want to start their betting experience with this year’s IPL, 10Cric offers the “Triple Money IPL” welcome bonus, in which they will triple the initial deposit.
For example, players who will deposit Rs 2,000 will be credited with an additional Rs 4,000 for a total of Rs 6,000.
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Also, they have a very interesting Boundary Ball Refund program going on right now, through with players can get as much as Rs 2,000 back if their bet loses but the last ball results in a boundary.

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Indian Premier League 2022 Points Table:

# Teams P W D L PTS NRR
1 Kolkata Knight Riders 4 3 0 1 6 +1.102
2 Rajasthan Royals 3 2 0 1 4 +1.218
3 Gujarat Titans 2 2 0 0 4 +0.495
4 Punjab Kings 3 2 0 1 4 +0.238
5 Lucknow Super Giants 3 2 0 1 4 +0.193
6 Royal Challengers Bangalore 3 2 0 1 4 +0.159
7 Delhi Capitals 2 1 0 1 2 +0.065
8 Chennai Super Kings 3 0 0 3 0 -1.251
9 Mumbai Indians 3 0 0 3 0 -1.362
10 Sunrisers Hyderabad 2 0 0 2 0 -1.825
# Teams
1 Kolkata Knight Riders
2 Rajasthan Royals
3 Gujarat Titans
4 Punjab Kings
5 Lucknow Super Giants
6 Royal Challengers Bangalore
7 Delhi Capitals
8 Chennai Super Kings
9 Mumbai Indians
10 Sunrisers Hyderabad
4 3 0 1 6 +1.102
3 2 0 1 4 +1.218
2 2 0 0 4 +0.495
3 2 0 1 4 +0.238
3 2 0 1 4 +0.193
3 2 0 1 4 +0.159
2 1 0 1 2 +0.065
3 0 0 3 0 -1.251
3 0 0 3 0 -1.362
2 0 0 2 0 -1.825


With Covid on the wane, expect the entire IPL to be played in one go and one place. Thus, the high of a humongous 10-team tournament that expands to more corners of the country would be unprecedented. It’s a can’t-miss event, not only for the fans but also those who want to indulge in IPL betting predictions and put to use their cricketing knowledge to make some money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Win on IPL Betting?
While there’s no guaranteed formula to win 100% of the time, you can improve your chances by placing smart bets and manage your bankroll. Read the full article for more advice.
What Should New IPL Bettors Keep In Mind?
For starters, read our guide and strategies, follow several games and understand the stats apart from just which is the winning team. Next try betting on something like wickets, score or which team will win without placing any money for the first two to three times. See how you fare. If you get two out of three right, you can take the plunge to put in money for the fourth time. If you got more wrong than right, there is more to study and that isn’t such a bad thing. You are just set to come out wiser in the world of betting.
What Are the Best Betting Sites for the IPL?
The top betting site for the IPL at the moment are 10Cric and Paripesa. Both are fully licensed books and hold valid Curacao licenses. Moreover, they offer some of the most competitive odds and generous bonuses.
Can I Start Betting Midway Into the IPL?
Not the best thing to do without analysing stats of matches gone by in the current and past editions of the IPL. See how other bettors have fared and then maybe you are good to take the plunge. Studying stats is the key and that’s the excitement of IPL betting. Each game is an exciting opportunity to place a winning bet.