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Game Details:

  • Software: Evolution Gaming
  • Slot Type: Money Wheel
  • Paylines: N/A
  • Reels: N/A
  • Max win: £500,000
  • Jackpot: N/A
  • RTP: 96.08%
  • Volatility: High

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Bonus Game
Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Autoplay Option
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Game Score:

4.0 rating based on 5 ratings
Graphics & Sound
Special Features
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Crazy Time Game Overview

Crazy time is a slot game and live casino game hybrid launched July 10th, 2020, by Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming is well-known for being the “King of Live Games,” Due to such reasons, the Crazy Time casino game gained so much popularity.

This entertaining game carries a mixture of 54 segment wheel of fortune games and is paired up with 4 interactive and unique mini bonus games. The presenter is dressed as the “Ringmaster” responsible for leading the game. The ringmaster will spin the vertical game wheel. Once the wheel starts to spin, a 2nd two-reel slot located on the wheel will also start to spin with immediate effect.

This 2-reel slot will help determine all the wheel segments and the random bonus multiplier, which will apply to that spin. The wheel is massive, and it’s pretty colorful as well. It has all the numbers placed on the edges, and the center carries the name “CRAZY TIME.”

You are free to place your wagers on 1 out of the 8 options available in this game. This article will provide you with a lot more information about this game.

Game wheel result

How to Play Crazy Time?

The Crazy Time strategy for playing is pretty simple, and you will not have trouble understanding. These steps are:

Step 1: Place the Bets

You will receive 8 different wagers from which you can pick one and get to choose a number from 10, 5, 2, 1. After that, you have to choose the amount for which you wish to play.

The coin values that are available are x2, 500, 100, 25, 5, 1, 0.5, and 0.2. Remember one thing, and you should place your wager within 13 seconds. You find a clock on the screen that will count all the remaining seconds.

When placing the bets, you must choose a multiple or single wager. You are free to press the “wager/bet on all” button as it will enable you to wager on all the numbers with any one bonus game.

Step 2: The Host/Hostess Spins the Wheel

Once you have placed your wagers and picked the amount you want to bet, the live hostess or host will spin the wheel.

Step 3: The Multiplier Is All Set

The game has a top slot, and this top slot will spin during the game and before the outcome is chosen. The top slot will pick out 1 out of 8 symbols, and a multiplier will be attached to the sign.

Step 4: The Wheel Stops and the Result Is Determined

After spinning the wheel, it stops on a number you have placed a bet on. The final results or the payout will equal the number increased by the wager.

If the wheel stops on a bonus round, a bonus will surely get activated. You can only opt for the bonus if you have wagered on it. Otherwise, you just get to watch.

Crazy TIme Mini-Games

The game features four mini bonus games, which are:

1.    Pachinko

The dealer will pick up a ball and drop it right through the Pachinko box in this game. The place where the dealer drops the ball is selected randomly, and there are 16 multipliers located at the bottom. The one on which the ball will land is drawn and gets awarded as a prize. When the ball lands on the double, all the multipliers will be doubled, and the dealer will drop the ball again.

2.     Cash Hunt

You will find a wall that contains 108 random multipliers that have been displayed. These multipliers are veiled and then rearranged at the same time. You must aim at the portion of the wall to shoot at any symbol. Once you hit a symbol, it will reveal the multiplier hidden underneath it, and you will get that as a prize.

3.     Coin Flip

A blue and red-sided coin is flipped. This flipping work is done with a device that ensures randomness, and both the blue and red sides randomly get the multiplier assigned to them.

4.     Crazy Time

You will get the chance to enter right beyond the red door and get to play a massive wheel that comes with 64 segments along with 3 flappers. You can choose any flappers and then see the wheel spin to reveal the multiplier you get. When the wheel lands on triple or double, all the multipliers will increase accordingly, and you will get another spin.

Mini games

Crazy Time Odds

Here are the odds that you should know about Crazy Time. They are

  • 1.85% chance to stop on “CRAZY TIME” [1 Segment].

  • 3.7% chance to stop on “CASH HUNT” [2 Segments].

  • 3.7% chance to stop on “PACHINKO” [2 Segments].

  • 7.4% chance to stop on “COIN FLIP” [4 Segments].

  • 7.4% chance to stop on “10” [4 Segments].

  • 12.96% chance to stop on “5” [7 Segments].

  • 24.07% chance to stop on “2” [ 13 Segments.

  • 38.88% chance to stop on “1” [21 Segments].

Crazy Time Stats

You will find the Crazy Time stats on the spin history, top slot matched wheel outcome, and the latest multipliers.

The spin history can provide you statistics on the latest spins outcome, and the matched wheel outcome will provide you with stats on how the slot hits the same wheel in the game.

But the multipliers, the following table will provide you some information about the winners in recent history.

For Bonus Round Multiplier Win:

Crazy Time

ResultMultiplierThe DateTimeFlapperWinners
Crazy Time3000x16-01-202203:18Yellow2636
Crazy Time3000x25-12-202107:20Green4490
Crazy Time2500x29-12-20113:24Green/Blue5638
Crazy Time2000x23-12-202122:52Yellow3149
Crazy Time800x09-01-202212:23Green4782

Cash Hunt

ResultMultiplierThe DateTimeWinners
Cash Hunt125x-12500x28-12-2109:473054
Cash Hunt35x-3500x12-01-2215:547563
Cash Hunt35x-3500x23-12-2119:263954
Cash Hunt25x-2500x04-01-202210:166356
Cash Hunt25x-2500x28-012-2114:144912


ResultMultiplierThe DateThe TimeWinners

Coin Flip

ResultMultiplierThe DateThe TimeColorWinners
Coin Flip1500x07-01-202200:35Blue2403
Coin Flip700x17-01-202219:40Red4463
Coin Flip500x26-12-202101:23Blue2234
Coin Flip500x21-12-202120:55Blue3854
Coin Flip400x22-12-202117:08Red3645

Some big multiplier wins took place while playing the game and they are:

  • 28th December 2021: 12500x Multiplier.

  •  6th January 2021: 12500x Multiplier.

  •  20th September 2021: 10000x Multiplier.

  •  21st January 2021: 10000x Multiplier.

  • 27th July 2020: 10000x Multiplier.

  • 3rd September 2020: 8000x Multiplier.

  • 12th December 2021:7500x Multiplier.

  •  23rd June 2021: 7500x Multiplier.

  • 28th March 2021: 7500x Multiplier.

  •  28th March 2021: 7500x Multiplier.

  •  3rd December 2020: 7500x Multiplier.

  • 2nd November 2021: 5600x Multiplier.
Crazy time score

Crazy Time Game Bonuses

The developers made sure that all the players received proper bonuses while playing this game. These are the following bonus options:

  • Coin Flip: It will trigger the Coin Flip bonus, which appears 4 times.

  • Pachinko: Will trigger the Pachinko bonus, which appears 2 times.

  • Cash Hunt: This will trigger the Cash Hunt bonus, which appears 2 times.

  • Crazy Time: It will trigger the Crazy Time bonus, which appears 1 time.

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Pros & Cons



You will wager with real dealers.
Fantastic payouts and multipliers.
A diverse range of bets.
Has four bonus rounds.



Doesn’t have any jackpot wheels.
There is no free demo of the game.


Here is the rating from the Crazy Time casino game:

  • Graphics and Sound: The game graphics are top-notch, and the sound quality is pretty powerful. The game is played live, and everything can be heard clearly. I will give an 8/10 rating.

  • Speed: The game works perfectly on all devices, and the speed is excellent. There is no interruption and no glitches. The loading time is quick and will give an 8/10 rating.

  • RTP: The RTP is also a decent one, and for that, it deserves an 8.5/10.

  • Special Features: It offers 4 bonus games through which players can earn prizes and rewards, and I will give it a 7/10 rating.
4.0 rating based on 5 ratings

In summary

Crazy Time is an outstanding and unique game, which players can enjoy online. If you are interested, you can check out the game through most online casinos and get to win big crazy time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play This Game on Both Mobile and PC?
Yes, you can paly the Crazy Time mobile on your Android and iOS devices. Also, you can play on your PC.
What Is the Maximum Win at Crazy Time?
The maximum you can win is £500,000 (INR 50,137,353.20).
What Is the Game’s RTP?
The whopping 96.08% is a major attraction of this game.
Does the Game Have Any Bonus Games?
In short, yes, it does. These bonus games are coin flip, pachinko, cash hunt, and crazy time.
What Is the Maximum Bet in Crazy Time?
The maximum bet in Crazy Time is $100 (INR 7500.45).

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